Saturday, October 04, 2008

POLY: I am!

Hey everyone! Had my morning cup of starbucks and 1TBM and myself were sitting around the computer when she said: "Hey! Let's do this test!"

So, in between our two year old ripping apart the livingroom and our six year old ripping apart her bedroom (good things, they're safe and happy) I did the test. Here are the results.

It really got me thinking about how I understand my relationship to other people and myself. ummm...during the test I found myself frustrated at mainstream society's idea of what constitutes "real" relationships. Last night 1TBM and myself decided to go downtown to a pub and I saw men on the street for her to cruise and thought about how happy it made her and how happy I was knowing that she was happy with the possibility and the conversation.

Where I'm at now definitely comes out of me desperately trying to wedge our relationship into monogamy. I think that I felt two things (well, more than two but I can identify two now) ummm...monogamous values poured into my brain from my parents and two, monogamous peer pressure bashed over my head by society.

But fuck all that.
As I move through the world with my vivacious self and observe all of the married couples that I'm connecting with there's an underlying sadness of being forced into one and only one kind of relationship with one and only one person, that they all walk with that that I don't want.

I know people might say, "This person is all I need" but has anyone ever said "WHY does this person have to be the only person?" Is something going to happen if another way of having a relationship is considered and done and acted out?

I want to live the way I want to live.
I want to love the way I want to love.
I want to fuck the way I want to fuck.
And I want everyone around me in my family to know choice, to understand options and to make decisions based on how they actually feel, not on whether the peer group (mainstream society) tells them it's okay.

Your result for The Poly Acceptance Test...

Flaming Polymore

You're 89% tolerant, 85% polyamorist, 85% polyfidelitist, and 63% swinger.

You're extremely polyamorous. Monogamy would be one of the worst ills anyone could inflict on you. Love, sexuality, and holistic child-rearing are calls for freedom. Someone saying "I own you" or "you can't love anyone else" would be the worst kind of confinement and objectification. You'd want love governed only by mutual consent of responsible adults.

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