Friday, March 14, 2008


I went a viewing a few days ago, that got me thinking about my death. Hopefully, it won't occur for a long time, it got me thinking about what kind of funeral service I'd want to have. I mean, the person who died, I actually grew up around. He lived across the street from me when I was a (pre)teen - on up. Always, really nice.

But at this viewing, and I've been to a few, it no one cried, everyone held in their feelings - it was strange. People were put together in their conservative/ death/ black clothes... it was pretty much standard funeral fare.

But I think for my funeral, I'd like to have a party,
no Black clothing will be allowed,
I want music - and I don't want it called a funeral - I want it called a Life celebration/ PassOVER...


This was the first dead body Stinkapee has ever seen. DD, rightly thought it'd be good / healthly for her to see a funeral, and a dead body - so that when she goes to one - mine, DD or her grandparents - or anyone else close to her - she has some frame of reference...

See handled it really well. Kids are so great. They are so awesome. Honest.

Much more later...

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