Saturday, October 02, 2010


This is how I know we have so far to go - because of actions like this. I just came back from an indoor playground. It was extremely busy with children, thankfully it is really big. There was a man who trying to teach his 2 sons (they were maybe 2 and 3 years old) how to box. Yes.. I said box.
At first I was in shock, and then I was thinking - why am I in shock. He is copying what he knows - what his version of masculinity is... and I was also thinking - he is going to teach the other children to be really really aggressive - and he was. This indoor gym has two dozen multiple colored hanging bags so the children can run and bump into them. That's the point. It's for the children. But this fool has decided he's going to use them like boxing punching bags. Seriously hitting them hard and very targeted.
So I watch for a while (perhaps 5 minutes) and my blood starts to boil. I start to thinking about confronting the man - and then thinking - if he can do that no problem - perhaps he's not of sound mind anyway. He may not even understand if I suggest to him that it is not appropriate. Clearly - he's feeling good about his actions.
Then his children come over to him.. one is 2 the other is a maximum of 3 years. Now they start pretending to box like their dad and the younger one gets picked up by their dad and he starts to put place his hands on the hanging bags.

I look around - my children are on the other side of the indoor gym doing their own thing. I start to think.. I can't just DO nothing. Surely - children are gonna get more and more aggressive and eventually a child may end up knocking into my kids - edged on by this moron-father and his children.

I look to the staff. They look at him, and they look away.
The father moves off to do something else - but comes back a few minutes later.

He continues.
I look at the staff again. I start to approach fed up with his behaviour. I look at my cell phone on way over to the man- for the time and notice that our time at the indoor playground had run out. He don't want to be charged more time and see my kids - still on the other side of the play park.

"I'll just have a quick word with this man before we leave, I say to myself out loud" as I reach the father.

Then - just as I get to within talking distance - a woman intercepts me and comes up to the man.

"Honey!.. you are doing such a good job - I can't believe it - his aim is just like yours" and she lays one kiss on her partner. And I'm thinking: seriously? .. is this some kind of candid camera moment - this is not real. Then my daughter - at full throttle - comes running into me - apparently I have been made "T.O." - time out- for the chase game she is playing. I look at her, sigh, and we go look for her brother we leave.

I never did end up saying anything to the father. Sigh.

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