Monday, September 03, 2007

A COMPLETE IDIOTjust film your scenes and keep quiet

I just need to make a quick comment about actor Terrence Howard. I'd love to say that what he thinks is an isolated comment, but really - it is the way we men are raised. Fear the vagina, hate the vagina, the vagina is dirty, it needs to be controlled, soaked, scrapped, whatever...

You know what... with men economically dominating this planet, and controlling most of the information/ knowledge/ what is truth - it is no wonder that tons of men and WOMEN actually believe that women are inherently "dirty". You know what... they're not. (and the fact that I'm even writing this is sad.) I have been guilty of believing that women are "not clean" and need to be wiping, patting, perfuming, spraying, their gentials to keep themselves clean - and I am learning how sad we are as a people are - when I see morons like actor Terrence Howard making comments, Terrence: deal with your own, what I am sure is a digusting, stank, ass. And stop thinking on your own. You're an actor. Just stick to reading some else's words. Stop there.

Really though, it's comments like this, that remind me why we men need some serious help. We really do ... another example of the need for men's gathering, discussions, and healing. How about we think about our own bodies, treating them with care, etc.

This is part of why I have this blog.


oyadele said...

i'm glad more black people are mad at this foolishness. i voiced my opinion here.
i hope we aren't so starved for black faces in mainstream media that we as a people will allow half-talented quote-unquote actors to be all we have as reflections. & if we're gonna do that, can we at least get some who know when to keep their damn mouths shut? he's talking about women's body parts instead of the jena 6.

sweetness said...

good for you!!