Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A woman stripped searched... .. my thoughts...

In 2008, women who are African-American and in jail – and are pregnant – give birth on a cold, hard, surface in chains. I wrote this poem after reading the 1TBM post about the European-American woman who was searched by the police. This poem came to mind as I read her post.


This is: “ain’t I..?”

…push …

Blood oozing from her wrist
Tears running down her chest
Earth tremors



filthy walls
Filthy voices
Filthy hands
Beautiful baby born

I cry for you mama
I’m sorry mama
Mama! Help me…

Mama? Where are you?
Mama - come back to me…



“hold her”

“I said hold her!”

“We’re losing her sir…”

First at Six tonight:
John McCain wins the nomination
Citi bank reports record profits
And later, our feature report-
The new homebirthing craze sweeping the nation.

“inmate 0983 deseased at 0900hours”

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