Tuesday, January 01, 2008

JUST saw the Brit sitcom- Keeping Up Appearances

The clip I want you guys to watch is actually from another sitcom called "Hyacinth and Auntie". I just wanted to lay some context as to the kind of people I come from when I talk about having seen my aunts and family over the holidays. MY mother, Ophelia is not exactly like this (she has her own odd ways), but the rest her family is.. and that is who I grew up with... CLICK HERE TO WATCH what I'm talking about. Just watch how the colonized Black woman, is critiquing the white Brit woman, and over identifying with conservative white British customes... I know, this is suppose to be comedy - it is suppose to be edgy and over the top.. but sadly: It's BANG ON! THIS IS THE FAMILY CULTURE OF MY YOUTH. It is also the culture of many of the west Indians living in this city...

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